Douglas Mbopha Seconday School

We, the staff, parents and learners of Douglas Mbopa Senior Secondary School commit ourselves to soaring to great heights by provifing quality education and striving for standards of excellence in everything we do.

To educate the whole child to maturity and a responsible adult life through:

  • The development of respect for and appreciation of the culture, language and religion of others.
  • The development of the full academic potential of each child through the development of skills and talents, the ability to think, the acquisition of knowledge and encouragement of useful activity.
  • The development of character, leadership qualities, physical fitness, cultural enrichment an aesthetic appreciation through involvement in class and extra-curricular programmes.
  • The development of spiritual and moral values and social skills incorporating respect for other people, the awareness of one's responsibility for one's conduct.
  • The development of an awaress of one's responsibility to family members of the school, other racial groups, the local community, to the country and the international community.
  • The development of self-discipline through the acceptance of authority.
  • The development of an awareness of the part of the parents, and the importance of their involvement and responsibility in the education process.